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GianCarlo is a hair whisperer. I can’t thank him enough for rescuing and giving life back to my hair. It looks amazing and is healthy again. Not only does my hair look great but he makes the whole experience fun and entertaining. A beautiful boutique salon with quality organic products – I highly recommend him.


Seriously the best haircut of my life. I have been to countless salons trying to describe what I’d like and they never ever do it and I’m never completely satisfied. Giancarlo told me what he thought we should do and it is exactly what I usually describe to stylists and he completed it perfectly. I…


I am so glad that I found Giancarlo‘s salon. I came with very damaged hair that needed a lot of work to be done. I could tell that Giancarlo has the lifetime of experience and knowledge. He took the time and attention and talked me trough the steps he was taking and patiently listened to…


Had such a wonderful experience at Organico Hair design today! Giancarlo completely transformed my very dry, blotchy hair into a much healthier, well blended, silky mane – and I love that it was done using only natural products! His warmth, hospitality and entertaining character are reason alone to visit. Thanks Gian!


Enjoyable Experience !! Organico Hair Design is an Oasis of well-being with natural high quality products, relaxing background music, fresh fragances, flowers and plants. GianCarlo is a very talented hairdresser am very pleased with new colour and haircut. Thanks GianCarlo for bringing my hair back to life!! Highly Recommended if you wish to revive your…


Having your hair done by Giancarlo is an absolute pleasure! He is a true artist, with everything from the service to the head massage to the cut to the colour being perfection! I felt welcomed and cared for from the moment I stepped into the salon, and my hair looks fantastic. To top it off,…

Courtney Crewe-Brown

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